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Sunday Golf came to us as an exciting new brand eager to shake up the traditional, buttoned-up golf accessory and apparel scene. With a fresh vision and business model, they were in search of a storytelling campaign that could capture their vision and share their ethos with their core audience in less than 30 seconds. 

We worked with them to build their brand identity, from Mission Statement and Core Values to the sharp copy and storytelling that would announce to the world what Sunday Golf was all about – having a good time on the golf course with good friends, regardless of skill level or previous experience. 





This campaign was all about getting the target audience right. They knew they were going after informal golfers who were playing the sport for fun rather than competition, but pinpointing their habits and preferences was key. Through careful development they found their audience to be younger, social-minded golfers who wanted to grab a few beers with good friends and enjoy the great outdoors after a long workweek. 

Keeping that audience in mind, we built a brand story around relatable scenarios on the golf course – grabbing beers in between holes, struggling to break 100 on their scorecards, and eschewing the traditional attire and formal clubhouse aesthetics. The result was a fun, playful campaign that catapulted the brand into impactful partnerships and product placements that separated them from anything the golf apparel industry had seen before. 

Informal, playful language sets the tone for what Sunday Golf is all about and immediately builds an emotional connection with their core audience – golfers who just want to have a good time outdoors with friends and who are less concerned with their final scores than they are about the company they keep. 


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