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A secondary goal for this rebrand was to put the faces behind the brand into their client consciousness. We simplified their team page, incorporated new headshots, and introduced the partners in a more accessible way. 


We've had the privilege of working with the amazing team at Simon Cross since the consulting agency launched in 2018. We were a part of their initial branding, building out their website, and we continue to manage all brand communication from Simon Cross. When they reached out to us early in 2021, they were in the process of scaling up and meeting new audience demands. We provided a visual brand update, including logo and, brand colors, and rebuilt website that reflected the younger, tech-savvy audience they were reaching, replacing the more traditional corporate branding that was more suitable for the first stages of their corporate journey. In the months that followed this visual rebrand, Simon Cross enjoyed their highest billing months on record. 





This rebranding started with color. Previously, Simon Cross had done consulting work for several high-profile, traditional nonprofit organizations, including Goodwill and Serving USA. Their initial branding reflected their more buttoned-up, corporate clientele, using rich, dark greens and imagery to project an agency who understood that clientele.

In 2020, they set out to grow their firm, adding new partners and meeting with a wide-range of new startup nonprofits. This new audience brought different sensibilities and understood the digital landscape in more exciting ways. Simon Cross wanted to reflect these shifts, and we fine tuned a color palette that felt both familiar and fresh to their new, younger audience. We introduced some blues, utilized a lot more white space for a cleaner more modern look, and updated their green to a lighter shade that more accurately reflects this new era of their corporate evolution. 

Visual Refresh

Modern, rounded logo design that feels fresh and memorabe

Simplified mobile design for optimized navigation and client conversion


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